Our cold brew

Made with roasted, organic, farm-direct Ethiopian coffee beans. Cold brewed to reduce acidity, increase smoothness, and give a bit of extra sweetness. No sugar added. The only ingredients are purified water and Freshly roasted coffee. This cold brew packs a punch, so feel free to dilute it. An 8 oz bottle will make 2 cups of standard strength coffee. You can certainly drink it straight, we do! To dilute, pour over ice and add water or milk to taste.

We are always adding to our arsenal of cold brew creations but currently we offer 5 different varieties: Original, Toasted Coconut, The Big Easy, CBD & Cocoa Nib.

Original: Organic, farm-direct Ethiopian beans, fresh roasted and brewed for a balanced & bright coffee

Toasted Coconut: NBCB original cold brew steeped with organic toasted coconut chips for a subtle pop of the tropics

The Big Easy: An NBCB take on the traditional New Orleans style cold brew coffee: chickory & coffee. This blend has a smokey and uniquely bold edge

CBD: A collaboration with Mansfield Provisions from Vermont. Incorporating full spectrum, all Vermont grown CBD with NBCB original cold brew. With this infusion you get the flavor of delicious coffee and the added benefits of CBD. Think alert brain & relaxed body. No jitters

Cocoa Nib: Guatemalan cocoa nibs steeped with NBCB original cold brew for an exceptionally rich & chocolatey cold brew coffee